I make a lot of poor financial decisions. None of them matter, in the long term. I will never not be poor, so what does it matter if I don’t pay a thing and a half this week instead of just one thing? It’s not like the sacrifice will result in improved circumstances; the thing holding me back isn’t that I blow five bucks at Wendy’s. It’s that now that I have proven that I am a Poor Person that is all that I am or ever will be. It is not worth it to me to live a bleak life devoid of small pleasures so that one day I can make a single large purchase. I will never have large pleasures to hold on to.



The new record from Grey x Gordon is out now, and I have TWO copies on vinyl to give away.

Indiana songsmith Grey Gordon has released his debut full length, on Chris Hansen‘s No Sleep Records. The album, entitled Forget I Brought It Up, evokes shades of late nineties emo in the vein of early Death Cab, Seaweed, Dinosaur Jr, or even Helium. The record is a departure for Gordon, more known for his acoustic stylings than for playing with a backing band.


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Listen to the record here!